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  • Date Updated: 2010-06-05
  • Developer: AmigaCam

Gaia Plax Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Gaia is an online social gaming and role playing network that is aimed towards kids. When you become a member of the community, you have the option of customizing your free avatar, decorate your virtual home, play games, etc. and the Gaia Plax application makes the fun even greater.

Gaia may be a fun platform, but it incorporates a lot of graphics and as such it may be heavy for your computer. The good news is that you can use the Gaia Plax application to cut down the amount of strain that it caused on your computer and will make the PC operate more efficiently.

With that being said, Gaia Plax will subsequently operate at a faster pace, thus making the game a lot more fun. Now you can have your Gaia game running and browse your computer and if that wasn’t good enough, the app also have some integrated cheats that will even further enhance your experience.

Gaia Plax 1.5g is a great client for Gaia. Think of it like Chat Palace or mIRC. It makes your gaia life speedier, easier and more fun. It takes a whole lot less out of your computer (even if you have a speedy one) and you can browse in the background with no fear of accidently closing your gaia screen. Next to that it also has some cheats build in, check out the auto-pinball section for example. Read more in the about screen.++ Gaia WelFare 1.7 & Skin/Install Support.

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Gaia Plax  Free Download screenshot